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Teenage suicides is up 57 % in Russia as a surge of social media 'demise groups' sweep the country. Hidden groups similar to Blue Whale on social networking site VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, are reportedly controlled by 'mentors' who incite their members to complete tasks and finally take their very own lives. The existence of these groups has rattled parents and sparked heated debate in a country the place suicide is essentially a taboo subject. President Vladimir Putin has publicly expressed concern, this month calling for harsher punishments for these convicted of incitement to suicide - a crime that presently carries a prison sentence of up to 3 years.

It is said to be a rise of almost two thirds on final yr's figures. A 'mentor' on one death group, 22-yr-old Filipp Budeikin, was arrested by investigators in the town of Saint Petersburg in November after allegedly inciting 15 teenagers on VK to commit suicide. First you have to create teams with depressing content material that plunges you right into a particular ambiance,' he mentioned.

People click on on links and enter a closed group. Budeikin admitted he asked his victims to share private information and perform certain 'duties', which regularly involved self-mutilation or scarification. I just explained to some people why it was best to die, nothing extra,' he stated. They are the ones who made that decision.

Budeikin added that he was merely 'cleansing society'. Dying teams' even threaten to blackmail their members by telling them they are going to go after their loved ones if they refuse to perform the tasks, Novaya Gazeta reported. These groups have also spread to neighbouring Ukraine, where the authorities have sounded the alarm over a big improve in teen suicide. Ukrainian police blocked access to 500 social media teams this month, saying they obtain each day 'almost 70 alerts concerning runaway minors, 20 to 30 p.c of whom are members of a dying group'. Despite the obvious influence the teams have had in Russia and Ukraine, specialists assume the phenomenon might not be as widespread as it appears.

Some have accused Novaya Gazeta of overblowing its findings and of making an city legend out of some isolated cases of teen suicide. This isn't the first time panic has struck over a rise in suicide among minors,' Meduza information site quoted demographer Yevgeny Andreyev as saying. Statistics do not back up' this pattern, he added.

Rosstat national statistics company revealed knowledge that 22,839 individuals dedicated suicide in 2016, down from 24,982 in 2015, with out differentiating age teams. The most recent determine has more than halved from 2005 when there have been 45,800 suicides. Suicide, as a topic for discussion, is still shied away from in Russia, including to the difficulties in tackling it. It got here second only to sexual problems in a November survey by Levada unbiased polling company, on topics thought-about unacceptable to talk about in the family.

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